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Strength Based Whole System Change
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Strength Based Whole Systems Change

 Organizations can survive and thrive if they become change capable. Organizations are now facing more difficult social challenges, a need to have a global perspective, and accelerating introduction of new technologies. This environment of unprecedented change and complexity can prove to be an opportunity if organizations respond effectively. Changing effectively means pursuing the right changes and accomplishing these changes rapidly. In order to change effectively, organizations must develop a capability of inquiry and aligned action of the whole system.

Getting the whole system involved requires engaging all stakeholders in the system. Stakeholders contribute their perspectives that enhance the design. The engagement also serves to gain commitment for success and rapid implementation of change. Stakeholders are committed to change they have helped create. Many approaches can be utilized to gain the insights and commitment of stakeholders. One approach that Hinrichs Consulting has facilitated with several organizations is strength based large group design summits.  

A large group conference involves a critical mass of stakeholders. The conference can have seventy to seven hundred participants. Stakeholders create their future so are not victims of change. By participating in a large group design summit, the stakeholders get the invaluable experience of seeing the whole system, creating their role, and developing relationships with other stakeholders along the value chain. It provides an organization with a rapid implementation approach.

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