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Organizational Research and Feedback
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Research & Feedback

Organizations need to understand stakeholder perspectives for greater and faster acceptance of strategic initiatives. Most organizations are trying to manage a great deal of change and must be able to implement the changes effectively.

Research provides critical insight so that an organization understands and learns through an analysis of the organization and project approach effectiveness. By understanding and learning, future change initiatives will be more successful.

By conducting research and providing a feedback report, insights and practical next steps for accelerating adoption will be enhanced. The feedback report should make a difference and providing stakeholders with a shared understanding and aligned approaches for future projects.

The feedback report answers:

o        What did we do?

o        How did we do it?

o        What did we learn?

o        What do we do with the knowledge?

The scope of services usually includes:

1.       Discovery

a.       Assist in planning the research approach including stakeholder analysis.

b.      Assist in gathering and reviewing primary project documents.

c.       Assist in creating the design protocol for interviews, surveys, and questionnaire.

d.      Conduct interviews, surveys, and questionnaires.

e.       Analyze the initial findings to direct investigation.

2.       Inquiry

a.       Assist in next level interview redesign.

b.      Conduct stakeholder interviews.

c.       Compile data.

3.       External Research

a.       Literature Research

b.      Benchmark comparison

4.       Feedback – Report and Presentation

a.       Analyze data.

b.      Draft initial feedback report

c.       Assist in preparation of presentation.

 Tool: Interactive Action Research

One example of a powerful tool that Hinrichs Consulting utilizes is an interactive survey tool. In order to move ahead on projects, understand how stakeholders are feeling, or to gain feedback on any subject, an interactive survey technique allows immediate feedback and focused discussions on projects or programs. Through a process of interactive survey followed by a focus group discussion, everyone in a physical or virtual room is given equal voice.
This approach can be applied to almost any assessment or survey tool. It is especially useful to understand how stakeholders are feeling about large change initiatives. Things that participants are most positive about and have the greatest concerns are identified. Targeted approaches to build from the positive and respond to the concerns can be designed into the communications plan.

Interactive Survey Screen

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