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Continuous Improvement Process – 5 I  Improvement Model

A process improvement methodology, referred to as the “5 I” cycle, provides a sound step by step approach to guide a team to improve a process and provide innovative results. Each step utilizes different tools to achieve the outcomes required at each step. The following is a brief overview of the steps in the process.
Initiate: Leadership provides clarity for aligned commitment and action to a strategic initiative through a defined project.
Inquire: Data driven strength based discovery of the “As Is” state and the organization’s roots of success.
Imagine: Co-creation of the preferred future, the “To Be” state.
Innovate: Construction of the “To Be” state by designing processes, systems, structures, and culture. It is the creation of the “what” we want. The process changes are made sustainable by "Walking the Diamond". Please click below to see more detail on Walk the Diamond.
Implement: Engagement and involvement of stakeholders in the strategic projects. Implementation focuses on the “how” we are going to achieve the “what” we want.

5 I Continuous Process Improvement

Walk the Diamond(TM)

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