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The Possibility of Coaching

What would it be like if you had someone who was a committed listener? What would it be like if this person did not judge or assess but allowed you to fully investigate and articulate your thinking on whatever topic or project you are investing your energy? This person would not provide advice but would help you understand your assumptions and thinking. This person would call you on your commitments to the choices and plans you made. This person is a coach.

Coaching is not about fixing a person. If that were true, Tiger Woods would not need a coach. A coaching relationship is designed to support you as you overcome any resistance and accomplish whatever goal you choose. The coaching relationship is determined by you. Will it be rigorous? Will it be just listening? What are your expectations and needs? At its base, coaching provides dedicated time each week to reflect, think, and plan.

Coaching can be used to:

          Accomplish a project

          Overcome overwhelm

          Deal with upset

          Improve relationships

          Setting and accomplishing stretch goals

          Significantly improve personal effectiveness

It is amazing to experience the results of what a coaching relationship can produce. The results are not limited to achieving extraordinary performance in your immediate project, but a long term self-awareness that shifts personal effectiveness.  

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